Renkinst is a Indian software development company with headquarters in India. Renkinst is world’s leading progressive IT brand with a unique focus on innovation in technology. We are single global partnership united by a strong set of values, focused on client impact. Renkinst originally established in 2015 oct 6, through the city of nawabs Lucknow , India with principle function of web & Erp software development.  Renkinstsuccessed through sustained investment in R&D, with a rapid change in technologies we always analyze changes in latest technologies and also takes part in various open source software development. Renkinst started with a major aim in mind to provide hassle-free and easy to access IT services.

Mission:- To became a best IT solution provider and a software developer company globally with 100% customer satisfaction.

Vision:- What we say we do it , what we do we prove it , what we prove we improve it.

Management Strategy of projects

1. Quality assurance and delivery of product as per customized requirement .

2. Project accomplished in decided timeframe.

3. Three round quality check by excellent skilled experts.

4. We work on various software development methodologies.

5. Our customer service provides best in class communication.

6. We provide 24/7 helpline numbers and also available 24/7 via video and voice calls over internet.

7. Correct budget planning with no any hidden charges.

8. We provide continuous testing and cyclic check for errors of software after delivery in same budget.